If I decide to put a listing up for adoption, I'll list them here. I'll probably also list them at thefanlistings and animefanlistings message boards as well though, depending on the subject. To apply, e-mail me here, and the brackets in the e-mail.

If you apply for one of these listings, please include your name, e-mail, collective (If you don't have a collective, then show me that you have a spot to host the listing, and that you can do basic html.), and reasons for why you'd like to run this listing. If you don't have these things, or the reasons you give me really tell me nothing about why you really want the listing, I'll probably reject your application. Your reasons basically just need to show that your a fan of the subject and that you'll take good care of the listing.

Up For Adoption;
None right now. Check back later! =)
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