Site Name;
When I made this site, I didn't really know what to call it. The layout I had at the time was a Tsukihime one (Which you can see in the past layouts section, but it's really not good.), which featured the game's 'catch phrase' of sorts, which is "Blue, blue glass moon under the crimson air." I kind've took the name from there and just kept it.)

Domain Name;
This domain is used by both me and one of my best friends and as such, we wanted a name we both liked. My favorite word happens to be Euphoria, and hers is... a very long word I forgot. But yeah, it didn't work out, they didn't go together at all, and it was way too long. So we both went down a list of words we liked until Radiant Illusion came up. Mine was the "radiant" part, and hers in the "illusion" part. That's really it. Interesting, isn't it?
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